This project aims to document various scenarios where a small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) might prove to be a useful tool to emergency services, especially in Search And Rescue situations.

The reason for the project is to help technologists (primarily CanberraUAV) communicate with people in the Emergency Service Community, to better understand there needs and discover where the real value lies.

The first chapter introduces the project, and the last chapter describes hardware (UAV and Payload) capabilities and constraints. Each of the chapters in between cover a specific use-case, or type of scenario that has been considered. These chapters should eventually contain a number of realistic scenarios, taken from real world rescues and training exercises. For each scenario, various combinations of airframe and payload will be evaluated from a flight/mission planning perspective, and promising configurations will be evaluiated further with computer simulation and (eventually) field exercises.

This is a living document, edits (via GitHub) are automatically built as web pages at readthedocs, and also as a PDF_format. The GitHub site also has an issue tracker and discussion features, which can be used to discuss issues and provide feedback. Contributions very welcome!